In 2017, Andy Cohen joined Cooper in thriving Kathy Griffin as co-host of CNNaˆ™s brand new Yearaˆ™s Eve insurance coverage

In 2017, Andy Cohen joined Cooper in thriving Kathy Griffin as co-host of CNNaˆ™s brand new Yearaˆ™s Eve insurance coverage

They again co-hosted CNN’s new-year’s Eve for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. Cooper has become a correspondent for the CBS Information system 60 mins since 2007, while concurrently serving as a CNN point and correspondent.

More Work

Andy Cohen and Cooper revealed that they might possibly be going on a national journey to perform her conversational period program AC2 beginning in i Beach, Chicago, and Atlanta. The concept when it comes to show came about after Cooper interviewed Cohen about their then-latest book, The Andy Cohen Diaries, at a conference at 92nd Street Y in New York City. Since then, the two-man program possess carried on to visit, achieving a lot more than fifty metropolitan areas as of .

Cooper got the narrator the 2011 Broadway resurgence of Ideas on how to Succeed in businesses Without truly Trying, guided by Rob Ashford and featuring Daniel Radcliffe. As a freelance publisher, Cooper possess authored various posts which have starred in other retailers, such as Information mag.

In , Cooper released a memoir for HarperCollins, Dispatches from Edge, outlining their lifetime and operate in Sri Lanka, Africa, Iraq and Louisiana on the past year. Some of the publication’s proceeds were contributed to foundation. The ebook topped the fresh new York era Best vendor checklist on .

In 2017, Cooper and his awesome mommy, Gloria Vanderbilt, co-authored The Rainbow pops and Goes: a mama and boy on lifestyle, Love, and Losspiled from a series of email messages, the memoir recounts their provided history and Vanderbilt’s tumultuous childhood. Cooper said their intent in writing the book and communication was to put aˆ?nothing remaining unsaidaˆ? amongst the pair. It arrived on numerous best-seller lists the season of the publication. From Cooper offered as a guest number on Jeopardy! pursuing the loss of Alex Trebek.

Commitment reputation

Cooper have two old half-brothers, Leopold Stanislaus aˆ?Stanaˆ? Stokowski (b. 1950), and Christopher Stokowski (b. 1952), from Gloria Vanderbilt’s ten-year , Cooper starred in Henry Louis Gates’ Finding the root, where he discovered of an ancestor, Burwell Boykin, who had been a slave holder from south United States. As of 2016, Cooper had not been subscribed to almost any political celebration. While encouraging their guide, Cooper told Oprah Winfrey he had dyslexia as children. In , he confirmed his aˆ?mild dyslexiaaˆ? on today tv series to Jay Leno, who likewise has dyslexia.

Cooper are openly homosexual; in line with the nyc occasions, he is aˆ?the most notable openly gay journalist on American televisionaˆ?. For years, Cooper avoided talking about their private lifestyle in interview. On , but the guy offered Andrew Sullivan authorization to write a message that claimed, simply: I begun to start thinking about perhaps the unintended success of sustaining my personal privacy outweigh personal and professional principles. Its become clear in my opinion regarding by staying silent in certain aspects of my own life as way too long, i’ve given some ones mistaken impression that I am trying to hide something aˆ“ something that makes me uncomfortable, ashamed, or even afraid. That is distressing because it is not really true. … truth be told, I’m homosexual, always have already been, constantly shall be, and I cannot become any longer happier, at ease with me, and proud.


Anderson Cooper along with his companion bought Rye Household, a historic property in Connecticut in 2014. In , Cooper confirmed he and his long time sweetheart Benjamin Maisani got split-up. On , Cooper announced the delivery of his boy Wyatt Morgan by a surrogate on April 27. Though Cooper and Maisani are not any longer romantically engaging, the pair want to co-parent. Wyatt is named after Cooper’s later part of the parent, Wyatt Cooper, and his awesome middle name is produced by the Vanderbilt part of his group, being the maiden term of his maternal grandma Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt.

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